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About Time

Rodney Dale


About Time is written to provoke thought. The events chronicled take place between Thursday 30 July 1987 and Cup Final Saturday 21 May 1983, in that order.

Thus the book is indeed 'about time' – in three ways – time turned about, time fixed by the precise dates which are necessary for the coincidence and synchronicity and sequentiality of life, and the timelessness of attitudes and conversations. Through description and conversation the book observes and explores many topics: from the building of Stonehenge to the afterlife; from the birth of a child to the nature of God; from crematorial ceremony to the loss of a limb. Here are our hopes and insights and blind spots, as familiar as those of the fictional Charles Pooter and the very real Samuel Pepys. 'There's no such thing as the present: it's merely the interface between the past and the future.' No wonder the more things change, the more they remain the same...


Some comments on About Time: 'Extremely impressive ... the tone is so confident I can see no way it can falter.' - George Melly 'The essentially schematic nature of the book is too intrusive upon the reader's well being.' - Tom Rosenthal 'An intellectual tour de force.' - Nick Webb