Early Cars


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Early Cars

Early Cars

Rodney Dale


How did the invention of the first 'horseless carriages' come about? How were they transformed into what we would recognize as a motor car? How were the vital components developed and how have they been refined over the years?

Histories of the early motor car are often concerned with the finished product rather than the parts that made it up. In this fascinating survey, Rodney Dale looks in detail at the development of the engine - including ignition, carburator, and lubrication - and the chassis - Including steering, brakes and transmission.

Illustrations are drawn from a wide range of patents, newspapers, advertisements and illustrations from contemporary sources. Some of the peripheral effects of early cars are also dealt with: the development of the road system to cope with Increased loads, speed and use; the response of the legal authorities to some of the new issues which motor transport raised; the growth of the major automobile organizations; and a way of life increasingly governed by the ready accessibility of road transport.

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