Edwardian Inventions

Rodney Dale and Joan Gray




Leder's Foul Breath Indicator is a toilet article to enable persons to test their breath, and comprises an appliance in the shape of a curved tube made of any non-absorbent material such as celluloid, silver or glass, preferably with flared ends. By breathing from the mouth through the tube any foulness or unpleasant state of the breath mey be readily detected by the sense of smell.

The drawing is a view showing the invention in use.


Leder's Foul Breath Indicator


Xavier Henry Leder Seaman

The Seaman's Institute, Well Street,

London, England

(Agent: Chas Coventry)




Hornung's Improved Apparatus for Drying the Hair effects that end both by hot and cold air, thus preventing the hair from becoming brittle, which, as experience has shown, is the case when it is dried exclusively with hot air.

The hair is laid on a gauze plate over a Bunsen burner, and the hot air is sent round to the hair by means of a flexible tube. Next, cold air is drawn through the hair by the action of a rapidly-rotating fan driven by a water jet.


Hornung's Improved Apparatus for Drying the Hair


Jean Hornung Hair Dresser

8 Kronenstrasse, Chemnitz, Germany

(Agent: W P Thompson & Co)






Tolcher's Improved Monocycle provides an equilibrant whereby the rider of a monocycle can more readily maintain his balance, whether travelling along the flat or ascending or descending an incline. Briefly, the invention consists in gearing swinging handlebars to a swinging saddleframe so that the weight of the rider can at will be moved forward or backward of the centre of the wheel or directly above it to maintain or regain his equilibrium.


Tolcher's Improved Monocycle


Henry Tolcher Engineer

Mare Street, Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa

(Agent: F Wise Howorth)






Turner's Appliance for Curing 'Double Chin' is intended to be worn at night and may be fitted to the head with perfect comfort. It consists in a pliant frame carrying a piece of non-elastic ventilated material, the whole being tied about the forehead by ribbons.


Turner's Appliance for Curing 'Double Chin'


Adelaide Sophia Turner née Claxton Ye Denne

28 Bath Road, Chiswick, Middlesex, England




Wulff's Improved Apparatus for Throwing Animals to take a Somersault is a device for projecting horses, elephants, monkeys &c into the air so that they perform the so-called saltomortale. The animal is supported by means of a body belt, fastened to vertical posts on a plate, so that its feet are just in contact with the plate. The plate is connected to a base by means of a hinge at one end, and springs are provided which tilt the plate when a catch is released.

When the animal is strapped into position and the trigger pulled, the plate tilts and the animal turns a somersault, the rings on the body belt readily disengaging themselves from the hooks on the supporting posts.

The apparatus is designed to ensure that the animal does not cling with the legs, which would be objectionable.


Wulff's Improved Apparatus for Throwing Animals to take a Somersault


Eduard Wulff Circus Manager

10 Rue du Moniteur, Brussels, Belgium

(Agent: W P Thompson & Co)




Reynolds and Seward's Improved Flying Machine employs the means used by birds in flying. It is operated by the aëronaut strapping himself in, grasping the hand staples and working the stirrups with his feet. To make a start, the man stoops over, and runs forward, operating the silk and whalebone wings.


Reynolds and Seward's Improved Flying Machine


Alva L Reynolds Mechanic

Henry I Seward Agent

Los Angeles, California, USA

(Agent: W P Thompson & Co)



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