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Haddenham & Aldreth – Past and Present


The Co-op  The Co-op

The Co-op Stores as it stood empty for quite a few years until it was restored to its former glory as private houses


Sun Dial House  The Baptist Chapel

Mr A Bethell's shoemaker's shop, Sun Dial House, and the Baptist Chapel which replaced it


Holy Trinity Church - with spire 1876  Holy Trinity Church - without spire today

Holy Trinity Church with its spire (1876) and without it (today)


Aldreth High Street

Aldreth High Street looking South


Mr Charles Bester's cottage  26 High Street today

Mr Charles Bester's cottage at 26 High Street in the 1930s and today.


Haddenham Feast

Haddenham Feast on the Green, on Hospital Sunday


Stan Burgess Traction Engine

Stan Burgess Traction Engine


Station Road

Looking up Station Road with the church tower dominating the skyline



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