Halcyon Days

ISBN 1 902702 05 0

246 x 170mm


RRP £14.95


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Halcyon Days

Rodney Dale


When Rodney Dale was 11 years old, his father brought a 4.5-litre vintage Bentley chassis. Over a period, the chassis acquired a body and, as soon as petrol became available (at 1/10d per gallon!) the Dale family became post-war motorists.

That Bentley was followed by several others - and a string of Rolls-Royces, Daimlers and many lesser cars among which the author spent his formative years. With its evocative illustrations and fund of amusing stories, Halcyon Days introduces many of these cars - including the Armstrong-Siddeley perpetually overtaken by cyclists; the 6.5-litre Bentley brought for 80 and now - several owners later - for sale at 300,000; the Rolls-Royce sports hearse; the Cluley with three reverse speeds; and the author's own Rover 8.

'The best motoring book I've ever read' - Roger Armstrong, Cluley Registrar

'The best book I've ever read' - Mervyn Salmons, Aldreth Service Station