ISBN 978-1-902702-31-5

A5 paperback


RRP: £9.50

The New Life of
Hannah Brooks

Rodney Dale

The New Life of Hannah Brooks visits largely uncharted territory. The life of 19-year-old Hannah Brooks takes an unexpected turn when she has an accident and loses a leg. Each of the chapters that follows focuses on someone she would not have met had she not had the accident. As a result, the reader has a chance to explore the world of amputees, and encounters some of the problems its inhabitants face.
We follow Hannah as she travels the long road to recovery, but when at last she receives a prosthetic leg (see left) she finds it less than satisfactory.
Hannah’s story will help readers to understand better what losing a leg can mean, and brings attention to some of the issues facing the amputee today.
The New Life tells it like it is, aiming to counteract the impression often conveyed by the media that being an amputee is so simple – lose a leg, get a prosthesis, and you’re as good as new.