It's True...It Happened to a Friend


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It's True …

It Happened to a Friend


It's True ... It Happened to a Friend

Rodney Dale


You hear endless stories that the teller swears are true because 'they happened to a friend'. You never meet the friend, but you suddenly hear of the same thing happening to friends of other friends. Grotesque or amusing, far-fetched or uncomfortably believable, these 'urban legends' are the very stuff, if not of life, at any rate of folklore. Here is a fine collection to bend the ear.'I first met Rodney Dale in Cambridge in 1955, when I told him that my Rolls-Royce - on whose roof-rack I was transporting the corpse of a friend's granny (wrapped up in a carpet specially bought for the purpose) - had been run into from behind by a police car which was wanting to test my brakes. As he recorded my words, I could see that he didn't believe me for one moment ... but it was the start of a long association. All through the changing scenes of his life - as biologist, spade-and-bucket chemist, mechanical designer, printer, personnel manager and consultant - I would bump into him from time to time, and tell him of the wonderful things that had happened to friends of mine ... and still I could see, as he wrote it all down, that he didn't believe me. It was no suprise to me, therefore, that when he became a full-time writer he took time off from his usual task - of couching technology in terms that even I could understand - in order to present this rich collection of things that, in my world at least, happen all the time. Make no mistake - it is essential reading.'

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