Louis Wain: the man who drew cats


Rodney Dale


Below are some pictures by and of Louis Wain…


Louis Wain

Portrait of Louis Wain by Collingwood Ingram




The Fire of the Mind Agitates the Atmosphere

The Fire of the Mind Agitates the Atmosphere



In this picture brown swirls emnate from the cats like the lines of force from magnets, made visible by means of iron filings. The cat on the left is clearly exercizing an influence on the one on the right — and judging from the latter's expression, that inlfuence is not beneficial. Perhaps this was a reflection of the artist's view of the world, that his body was charged with electricity, that ether — the source of all evil — was present in his food, that he was filled with electricity and had magic powers of healing by the laying on of hands.



A Cat's Party

A Cats' Party

(Christmas 1890)



...wicked Satisfaction

 …wicked Satisfaction.



Wallpaper Cat

Wallpaper Cat

Here the wallpaper is transferred to the cat. A rare and satisfactory transposition.



Wallpaper Cat


This crayon portrait of a cat with an asymmetrical 'wallpaper' background is similar to one in the Guttman-MacLay collection


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