Over the Hill with a Magic Carpet

ISBN 0 9524897 5 9

248 x 170mm


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Over the Hill

with a Magic Carpet

Over the Hill with a Magic Carpet

Joy Skinner


As 'Emerson & Jayne', Jack and Joy Skinner developed and toured their highly-acclaimed Speciality Act for nearly 50 years. The book tells of their training, their early years with the Ballets Jooss in the 1940s, the decision to go it alone, and the way their act grew until their final performance with a magic carpet and cod Indian rope trick in 1994.

Sadly, Jack Skinner died shortly after they retired but, drawing on her extensive picture archive and diaries, his wife Joy has written this fascinating account of the development of their performance and its presentation worldwide.

The book is introduced by Paul Daniels, who admired Emerson & Jaynes' magic for the eccentrically unusual way in which they presented it.