The Manna Machine


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The Manna Machine

George Sassoon and Rodney Dale


What exactly was manna? In their search for an answer, George Sassoon and Rodney Dale began to research into Jewish texts, particularly the Zohar, a collection of thirteenth-century writings from oral traditions which some believe date back to the time of the Exodus.

From these texts, they have drawn startling conclusions: that manna was a form of alga cultured in a machine, and that the mysterious texts of Zohar are an instruction-manual for that machine.

This exciting and provocative theory has at last made some sense of the texts, explains many biblical mysteries and Jewish customs, and throws new light on the possibility of ancient extra-terrestrial visitations.

The full translation of the texts is presented in The Kabbalah Decoded. The biological and engineering interpretation is explored in The Manna Machine.