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The Part-Time War

Recollections of the terrorist war in Rhodesia

Rod Wells

Life for adult males in Rhodesia during the terrorist war in the 1970s was strange, to say the least. Every male deemed reasonably fit was required to serve in one of the security forces for blocks of time during the year. Training was minimal and disruption to work and family life was inevitable.

This book recalls life in 1970s Rhodesia, fighting a full-blown terrorist war on a part-time basis. The highs, the lows, the cameraderie and the humour are all included.

Rod Wells was born in Warwick, England and emigrated in 1955 to Southern Rhodesia, where he was brought up and, after leaving Ellis Robins High School, trained as a motor mechanic. In 1967 he met his future wife Vi, whilst working for a motor racing firm in England.

After returning to Rhodesia in 1968 they set up their own garage business with great expectations for the future. Unfortunately, events within the country were to change with the onset of the terrorist war and, after three years of military commitments and with the conflict escalating, they decided to close the business. After this, with the future of their two young children in mind, they left the country. Rod and Vi now live in the UK in a village near Cambridge.