The Sinclair Story

The Sinclair Story

Rodney Dale


Sir Clive Sinclair is one of Britain's best-known millionaires; certainly Britain's best-known technical entrepreneur.

He brought us the first truly pocketable calculator at a price we could afford - but then his company ran into difficulties. Yet, having lost almost everything, he started afresh and rose again by introducing the first home microcomputer for less than 100.

But does he really have, as was once said, 'an uncanny knack of knowing what is wanted in markets that don't even exist'? What about his miniature television? - a dream for over twenty years. What about the C5, the electric vehicle which should have revolutionised personal transport?

Is Sinclair a rare combination of commercial acumen and technical genius, or is he a dreamer whose strong personality overrules those who would advise him to curb his enthusiasms? What drives this deep thinker with a practical social conscience, Chairman of British Mensa, and sponsor of activities literary and musical? Can he weather the storms which presently beset his activities? Which of his many dreams will turn into reality, and change our lives yet again?

The SinclairStory is the first full-length account of Sir Clive's companies and of the modest and enigmatic man behind them. It is written by an author who has been associated with the Sinclair environment since the beginning, and is founded on company archives, interviews with key figures and personal knowledge.

It is essential - not to say fascinating reading for those seeking an insight into the technological revolution as it affects the man in the street.