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Teaching Language Learners

Using our knowledge of how language is acquired to teach swiftly and effectively

Dr Rosemary Westwell

Australian-born Dr Rosemary Westwell, has been a teacher since 1969. Now a British citizen and an avid antagonist towards the unnecessary time-consuming customs that surround the world of education, she is determined to add her voice to the call for more common sense in our approach to teaching and learning.

In Teaching Language Learners, the author casts aside formulated textbooks in favour of an approach that focuses on the learning process, and how learners and materials are best adapted accordingly. If teachers understand the detail of how students acquire certain knowledge and skills, and they alter their methods of teaching accordingly, the learning is swift and effective.

In her other life, the author is married with two daughters and a number of grandchildren. She reviews concerts and plays, teaches Piano, Singing, English, and English as a Foreign Language, and entertains local societies with talks about her life in Tasmania or Spain and her experiences learning Spanish as a mature learner. She runs the Isle Singers, a ladies' choir which gives regular concerts, and may be found carolling at Ely Station at Christmas.