The World of Jazz


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World of Jazz

The World of Jazz

Rodney Dale


Jazz is now a truly international music. From its beginnings in North America at the turn of the century, Jazz has spread, at first slowly, then with increasing speed due to gramophone, radio, television and cinema, to coutries throughout the world.

In The World of Jazz, Rodney Dale looks at the whole story of this music from its earleist New Orleans period, the Blues and Ragtime, through the eras of the Big Bands, Swing and Modern Jazz. He explains the basis of the different Jazz styles and how the roles of th music and its performers have changed over the years. He looks at the many and varied personalities that have left their mark on Jazz, the musicians whose innovations are in many ways the story of Jazz.

This book provides an ideal introduction for the newcomer to Jazz, and includes information on the structure of the music. The highly readable and lucid text, with its numerous accompanying illustrations, provides for all a frsh look at this artistically rich and complex music which continues to give immense pleasure to so many people.